Google’s Self-Driving Cars are a Go!

Google’s Self-Driving Cars are a Go!

Googles self driving fully autonomous cars seem to be coming to fruition very quickly. Google just announced that their new prototype will be hitting the streets of Mountain View California this summer. Even though these cars have the potential of reducing the human based accident factor by 94% according this THIS report published by the Department of Transportation, these cute little toy-like marvels of technology will only be cruising around at a safe 25 miles per hour, for now.

Google will be looking for community reaction to see how well the public receives such a concept. Just as an extra measure of safety, these cars will be equipped with steering wheels, brake pedals and a real life tester that can take over the controls should anything start to go wrong.  In the coming years Google is hoping to run pilot programs to see how exactly the public would use such a vehicle and which direction they should take in further developing the technology and style.

Their software has already driven almost 1 million miles between tests on various vehicles it’s installed in (that equals roughly seventy five years of driving experience for the average american). So, how would it work down at the car sales lot? Does the sales person ask if you’d like the car to take ‘you’ for a test drive rather rather than you take the car for one? Hmm… either way, I can’t wait to sit inside one and let it do it’s thing.

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