A Look at the Smart For-Us Concept Pickup

A Look at the Smart For-Us Concept Pickup

Well, it certainly looks cool, but by calling it a pick-up – are the marketers at Smart trying too hard to win over a truck-crazed American market who are allergic to electric vehicles? The Smart For-Us concept features a 75-horsepower electric motor and a 17.6 kW/h lithium ion battery pack (more than the Chevy Volt.)

Smart claims that this little zoomer can get from zero to 60 times in five seconds and that it will have a top speed of 80 mph, along with a battery that will charge to almost full from almost empty within a few hours. Calling it a pick-up is ambitious, but for a SmartCar – the 11.6 cubic feet of space in this model is more than we expected.

The car was revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit’s Cobo Center. In the most recent press release by the company, the CEO – Annette Winkler said “We at smart love pickups – if they are small on the outside, large on the inside, very safe and extremely comfortable. With the smart for-us, a petrol station is no longer needed.”

This vehicle cannot possibly replace the more traditional idea of a pick-up truck, and you won’t be seeing these little EV’s working a farm anytime soon, but for use by urban dwellers, the Smart For-Us pickup could be perfect for around town use. As usual, we look forward to seeing what this innovative company does next.

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