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2012 Green Car Vision Award Goes to Ford C-Max Energi

2012 Green Car Vision Award Goes to Ford C-Max Energi

Chalk up another win for Ford as they take home the Green Car Journal Green Car Vision award for the second year in a row at the Washington Auto Show. The Ford C-Max Energi has indeed been turning many heads and other still are awaiting the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid that will become available this fall. However, how “Green” can a company be for developing vehicles that are not on the road yet?

Building hybrids with style is on the mind of many, but what about non-hybrids that are purely electric with zero emissions? While the Ford Focus electric is also a zero emission vehicle as opposed to the Hybrid C-Max, one tends to wonder how the C-Max Energi was able to win the award in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, Ford has done an amazing job with these two vehicles. The C-Max gets 40 miles to the gallon versus cars like the Tesla Model S getting 300 miles per charge. The C-Max has a greater range after fill-up, but you are still paying those high gasoline prices. Is it more cost effective to get the greater range? Perhaps on long road trips it could be, but for in town or perhaps the casual drive it could cost more as opposed to a completely electric vehicle. However, 40 MPG is a lot better than what most of us drive and depending on sticker prices, I might consider one.

The design of the C-Max is akin to a minivan without the size. It easily can fit several people with leg room for a comfortable drive. With a sleek, aerodynamic, and sexy design, I wouldn’t be surprised if these wind up being very popular. I can see the C-Max being perfect for family vacations, or families that travel around town together.

At any rate, with the variety of hybrids and electric cars available now, anyone can find something to help the environment and prolong our use of oil byproducts. By going to Ford’s website, you can reserve your Ford Focus electric car for 2012 and view the full specifications for the 2013 C-Max Energi.

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