Toyota Prius Minivan May Come to U.S.

Toyota Prius Minivan May Come to U.S.

While next year’s Prius V hybrid wagon has been steeling a lot of eco-friendly vehicle headlines, there’s another Prius that might be coming to the U.S. which could garner just as much attention. Toyota announced that it is considering a seven-seat Prius minivan hybrid for the U.S. market.

Although a seven-seat Prius already exists in Japan and is sold as the Prius Alpha, the hybrid minivan being considered for the U.S. market would be substantially different.

While there are no immediate official plans for the American Prius minivan, Toyota is planning on rolling out ten brand new hybrid redesigns over the next 20 months so stay tuned as they come out. Remember, the easiest way to check for updates on this story is to click the Prius minivan tab.

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