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Chevy Eco Cruise Couple Attempts 2,000 Miles on Single Tank

Chevy Eco Cruise Couple Attempts 2,000 Miles on Single Tank

A couple from Melbourne, Australia, Helen and John Taylor, are getting ready to embark on an eco-cruising challenge that has plenty of people wondering how they plan to accomplish it. The hypermiling couple have set themselves a target of going 2,000 miles on a single tank of gas in a Chevy Eco Cruze.

The Eco Cruze isn’t an expensive car. It isn’t even a hybrid. It’s just a very efficient gas-powered vehicle, yet the couple thinks can do it.

Possibly even more amazing is that the couple isn’t even planning on doing this on flat track that lets them cruise unimpeded, but on a normal trip as they drive through all 48 states in the U.S. The entire trip is expected to take them over 9,600 miles and somewhere in there, they intend to do 2,000 straight on a single 12.6 gallon tank of gas. Accomplishing this feat would mean coaxing 158 MPG out of the Chevy Eco Cruze which sounds pretty unlikely.

The Taylors have a history of squeezing incredible mileage out of cars though. They currently hold 88 world records for hypermiling so they get the benefit of the doubt here. They had their gas tank sealed just outside of Burbank and currently attempting the record as of the writing of this, so good luck Taylors!

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